Explore the consistent, successful history of NYU Mock Trial.

For the past 13 years, NYU has placed top ten in their division at Nationals. This streak of 13 straight top ten finishes is currently the longest active streak in all of AMTA. Throughout those past 13 years, NYU competitors have also earned 37 individual All-American Awards. NYU won their nationals division in both 2010 and 2011; going on to win the championship round in 2010 to become the National Champions.

Midlands Television Studios v. Kosack

In Progress


State v. Hendricks/United States v. Barrow

7th Place at Nationals


Winter v. TBD/Taylor v. Trifecta Entertainment

10th Place at Nationals


State v. Covington and Bancroft/State v. Sinclair

6th Place at Nationals


Park v. Duran/Ginger v. Heisman

4th Place at Nationals

State v. Bowman
3rd Place at Nationals

Allen v. Neptune
4th Place at Nationals 

State v. Dawson
5th Place at Nationals

Davis v. Happyland Toy Comapny
National Runners-Up

State v. Owens
National Champions 

Walton v. Blitz News Network
6th Place at Nationals

State v. Campbell
4th Place at Nationals

Jeffries v. Polk County Police Department
10th Place at Nationals 

Midlands v. Perry
​5th Place and 7th Place at Nationals

Past Results