​​​​All-American, NYU A Captain



NYU A (564): UCLASSIC, Downtown, Regionals

NYU B (565): CUBAIT, Mumbo Jumbo, Scarlet Knight


NYU A (564): CUBAIT, GAMTI, Downtown, Regionals, ORCS and Nationals

NYU B (565):GOT


NYU A (564):CUBAIT, GOTGAMTIDowntown, Regionals, ORCS and Nationals


NYU A (564):GAMTI and Nationals

NYU B (565):CUBAIT, Beach Party, Yale, Fordham, Regionals, and ORCS


  • Outstanding Attorney, NYU's Downtown Invitational XII, 2018
  • Outstanding Attorney, UCLA's Sunset Strip Invitational Classic, 2018
  • Outstanding Attorney, Rutgers University's Scarlet Knight Mock Trial Invitational, 2017 (Perfect Ranks)
  • Outstanding Attorney, Columbia University Big Apple Invitational Tournament, 2017 (Perfect Ranks)
  • All-American Attorney, Los Angeles National Championship Tournament, 2017
  • Outstanding Attorney, Vanderbilt University's Grand Ole Tournament, 2016
  • Outstanding Attorney, Columbia University Big Apple Invitational Tournament, 2016
  • Outstanding Attorney, Fordham - Rose Hill's Sapientia et Doctrina Invitational, 2015
  • Outstanding Attorney, University of California - Irvine's Beach Party Invitational, 2014 (Perfect Ranks)

Nick Ramos

Nick Ramos

4th Year on NYUMT

Miami, Florida

Senior - History

Possibly a wizard or a warlock spawning from the Tokugawa Shogunate, Nick has time traveled to teach the ancient technique of banter (冗談) - to the modern man. He will wander the world for a thousand days and a thousand nights until he vanquishes the Oni that haunts Furman Hall.