All-Region, Former Treasurer, Former NYU B Captain



​NYU A (564): CUBAIT, Mumbo JumboGAMTI and UCLASSIC

NYU B (565):Cornshucker, BRIC, Regionals, ORCS, and Nationals


NYU B (565):ORCS

NYU C (566):Regionals


NYU A (564):CUBAIT and Yale

NYU B (565):GOT, Regionals, Yale Round Robin, and ORCS 

Washington A (701):Downtown*

*Due to inclement weather, the University of Washington were missing players and Jordan played on their behalf.


  • All-Region Attorney, State College Regional Tournament, 2018
  • Outstanding Attorney, Tufts University Mumbo Jumbo Invitational, 2017​​

Jordan Cohen-Kaplan

3 Years on NYUMT: 2015-2018

Waban, Massachusetts

Class of 2018 - Politics

Jordan Cohen-Kaplan