Claudine Isaac

4th Year on NYUMT

Brooklyn, New York

Senior - Finance


All-National Attorney, ORCS 2016

​All-Region Attorney, Regionals 2016

Outstanding Attorney, Rutgers' Scarlet Knight 2017

Outstanding Attorney, Vanderbilt's Grand Ole Tournament 2016


All-Region Attorney, Regionals 2018

Outstanding Attorney, Tufts' Mumbo Jumbo 2017


All-American Witness, Nationals 2016

All-National Witness, ORCS 2017

All-National Witness, ORCS 2016

​All-Region Attorney, Regionals 2018

All-Region Witness, Regionals 2016

​All-Region Witness, Regionals 2015

Outstanding Attorney, UCLA's UCLASSIC 2018

Outstanding Attorney, Virginia's GAMTI 2017

Outstanding Witness, Virginia's GAMTI 2017

Outstanding Witness, NYU's Downtown 2016 

Outstanding Witness, Columbia's CUBAIT 2015

Outstanding Witness, Columbia's CUBAIT 2014

JP Baratta

4th Year on NYUMT

Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey

Senior - Politics 

Marissa Adler

4th Year on NYUMT

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Senior - Politics

Executive Board

Human Resources Director 


All-National Witness, ORCS 2017

All-Region Witness, Regionals 2017

Outstanding Witness, Fordham - Rose Hill Invitational 2015

Jordan Cohen-Kaplan

3rd Year on NYUMT

Waban, Massachusetts

Senior - Politics



All-Region Witness, Regionals 2018

Outstanding Witness, NYU's Downtown 2018

Outstanding Witness, Tufts' Mumbo Jumbo 2017

Outstanding Witness, Columbia's CUBAIT 2017

Vice President


Travel Coordinator

Lindsey China

2nd Year on NYUMT

Stewartstown, Pennsylvania 

Sophomore - Journalism and Politics 

For the 2017-18 season, the following people have been elected to serve on the NYUMT Executive Board 

President -JP Baratta

Vice President - Claudine Isaac

Treasurer - Jordan Cohen-Kaplan

Travel Coordinator - Lindsey China

Human Resources Director - Marissa Adler