Deanna Oliver 

Assistant Coach (2016 - Present)

5 Years on NYUMT: 2011-2016

Independence, Missouri


Former President, All-American (x5), All-National (x3), All-Region (x4), 

Former NYU A Captain, Former HR Director, Former Travel Coordinator

Deanna Oliver



NYU A (564):CUBAIT, GOT, GAMTI, YaleDowntown, Regionals, ORCS, and Nationals


NYU A (564): CUBAIT, GAMTI, Beach Party, Downtown, Regionals, ORCS and Nationals


NYU A (564): CUBAIT, GAMTI, Beach Party, Yale, Downtown, Regionals, ORCS, and Nationals 


NYU A (564): Mumbo Jumbo, Beach Party, Yale, Downtown, ORCS, and Nationals


NYU A (564): GAMTI, Beach Party, Downtown, Regionals, ORCS and Nationals


  • All-American Attorney, Greenville National Championship Tournament, 2016  (Double-Sided)
  • All-National Attorney, Lancaster Opening Round Championship Series, 2016 
  • ​All-Region Attorney, Buffalo Regional Tournament, 2016 (Double-Sided)
  • Outstanding Attorney, NYU's Downtown Invitational X, 2016 (Double-Sided)
  • Outstanding Attorney, Yale Invitational Tournament, 2015
  • Outstanding Attorney, Columbia University Big Apple Invitational Tournament, 2015
  • All-American Attorney, Cincinnati National Championship Tournament, 2015
  • Outstanding Attorney, NYU's Downtown Invitational IX, 2015 
  • Outstanding Attorney, UVA's Great American Mock Trial Invitational, 2014
  • All-American Witness, Orlando National Championship Tournament, 2014
  • ​All-National Witness, Hamilton Opening Round Championship Series, 2014
  • All-Region Witness, Buffalo Regional Tournament, 2014
  • Outstanding Witness, NYU's Downtown Invitational VIII, 2014
  • Outstanding Witness, NYU's Downtown Invitational VII, 2013
  • Outstanding Attorney, Tufts' Mumbo Jumbo Invitational, 2013 (Perfect Ranks)
  • All-American Witness, Minneapolis National Championship Tournament, 2012
  • ​All-National Witness, White Plains Opening Round Championship Series, 2012
  • All-Region Witness, Boston Regional Tournament, 2012