Amanda Tuminelli

4 Years on NYUMT: 2006-2010

New York, New York 


Sharon Turret

3 Years on NYUMT: 2013-2015 - Class of 2015

Cheshire, Connecticut

NYU Law Student

Nick Teleky

4 Years on Tufts Mock Trial: 2011-2015 - Tufts Class of 2015

Waldorf , Maryland

Software Engineer

Coaches & Advisors


All-American Attorney (Championship Round), Nationals 2010

President of the NYU Mock Trial National Championship Team, 2009-10

All-Region Attorney, Regionals 2009

All-Region Witness, Regionals 2009

​All-Region Attorney, Regionals 2007

Outstanding Attorney, Vanderbilt's Commodore Classic 2010

Outstanding Attorney, Richmond's Spider Classic 2009

Outstanding Attorney, Columbia's CUBAIT 2008

Deanna Oliver

5 Years on NYUMT: 2011-2016

Independence, Missouri



All-National Attorney, ORCS 2015

Outstanding Attorney, UC Irvine's Beach Party 2014

​Outstanding Witness, Penn State's Happy Valley 2012

President of NYU Mock Trial, 2014-15



All-American Attorney, Nationals 2015

All-American Attorney, Nationals 2014

All-National Attorney, ORCS 2015

All-Region Attorney, Regionals 2014

Double Sided All-Region Attorney, Regionals 2013

Iain Lampert Award (Highest Ranked Double Sided Outstanding Attorney), UC Irvine's Beach Party 2014

​Outstanding Attorney, Yale Invitational 2013

Outstanding Attorney, Boston College Invitational 2012




Frank Ungerer

2 Years on Northwestern Mock Trial: 2013-2015 - Class of 2015

Brunswick, Ohio

NYU Law Student

Ryan Rugani

4 Years on Miami Mock Trial: 2013-2017 - Miami Class of 2017

San Antonio, Texas

Government Affairs Associate


Double All-American Attorney, Nationals 2016 (double-sided)

All-American Attorney, Nationals 2015

All-American Witness, Nationals 2013

All-American Witness, Nationals 2012

All-National Attorney, ORCS 2016

All-National Witness, ORCS 2014

All-National Witness, ORCS 2012

Double All-Region Attorney, Regionals 2016 (double-sided)

All Region Witness, Regionals 2014

All-Region Witness, Regionals 2012

Double Outstanding Attorney, NYU's Downtown 2016 (double-sided) 

​Outstanding Attorney, Yale Invitational 2015

Outstanding Attorney, Columbia's CUBAIT 2015

Outstanding Attorney, NYU's Downtown 2015

Outstanding Attorney, UVA's GAMTI 2014

Outstanding Witness, NYU's Downtown 2014

Outstanding Witness, NYU's Downtown 2013

Outstanding Attorney, Tuft's Mumbo Jumbo 2012

President of NYU Mock Trial, 2015-16