​​​​​​​NYU A -  564:

Captains:  JP Baratta, Claudine Isaac and Nick Ramos

Lindsey ChinaYorai Vardi,

 Papa Yaw Sencherey, and Will Hendon

NYU B - 565:

Captains: Nathan Baum, Jordan Cohen-Kaplan

Marissa Adler andNatasha Brunstein

 Jadyn Herry, Dimitri Henry, Katherine Sam, 

 Jack Sorensen, and Alberto Arevalo 

Study Abroad - Spring 2018

Elizabeth Bellotti and Rodrigo Delatorre

Other Members:

Vicky Varlea, Izzy Morton, Chintan Datt,

Dimitri Villegas, Chehak Gogia, Lexy Nazaire,

Ava Vecellio, Anna Gyori, Elizabeth Navarro,

Andrew Putterman, and Makenzy Caldwell


Amanda Tuminelli, Ryan Rugani

Sharon Turret, Nick Teleky,

Lars Hulsebus, Frank Ungerer

​and Deanna Oliver

Throughout the season, the members of our program are rostered into three different teams. NYU A (564), NYU B (565) and NYU C (566). All three teams work together closely and fluctuation between teams is frequent. We have had the great fortune this year to be one of just seven programs across the country to send two teams to the National Championship Tournament in Minneapolis this April. For the National Championship Tournaments we "stacked" two teams: NYU A - Team 564 and NYU B - Team 565. "Stacked" means we have intentionally rostered and designated each team according to the intended strength and experience. In addition to the teams, please feel free to explore our  members as organized by graduation year for the 2017-18 season. 


Claudine Isaac

Dimitri Henry

Rodrigo Delatorre

Dimitri Villegas 

Will Hendon

Elizabeth Bellotti 

​Chehak Gogia


Lindsey China

Papa Yaw Sencherey

Yorai Vardi
Jadyn Herry

Chintan Datt 

Jack Sorensen

Katherine Sam

Elizabeth Navarro

Lexy Nazaire

Ava Vecellio 


Victoria Varela 

​Izzy Morton 

​Andy Putterman

​Alberto Arevalo

Anna Gyori

Makenzy Caldwell


Amanda Tuminelli 

Ryan Rugani

Sharon Turret

Nick Teleky

Lars Hulsebus

Frank Ungerer

Deanna Oliver

Our Team